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Black Fury® Tandem Bucktails™ are ideal baits for northern pike and early season musky. A #5 body and blade matched with a dressed tandem bucktail hook set up. A #1/0 bronze treble with a #2 treble hook trailer perfect for those short strikes. The hooks and dressing are smaller than the original Musky Killer series making the bait light enough at just under an ounce (7/8 oz.) to be thrown on medium to heavy spinning gear. The Black Fury Tandem BF5TB is a new addition to the series for 2017. Offered in 3 colour combinations of the classic Black blade Black Fury; BYDY Yellow dot yellow tail, FLRFT Red dot firetiger tail and CHCH Chartreuse dot chartreuse tail.
The original French spinner
FLRFT Fluorescent Red Firetiger
BYDY Yellow Yellow
CHCH Chartreuse Chartreuse