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Anglers have been asking for a fuller, dressed treble, Mepps spinner. The Comet Longtail™ responds to that demand. The classic Comet with its medium running depth blade is the only spinner on the market offering a detachable hook incorporated into the body mechanics. It is now available with a much more ample and longer dressing on the treble hook, making the new bait a bigger mouthful with a pulsating bushy bucktail camouflaged hook trailer. The Comet has not been previously available in dressed treble hook. The selection matches blade colours to tail dressings to complement each other. Feel free to experiment and contrast by mixing and matching the blades and tails. The Comet design allows for easy hook changes by switching the tail out. You can also replace the dressed treble with a trailing snelled hook & bait, small body bait or fly. An option only the Comet spinner allows for.
The original French spinner
A V A I L A B L E  with sin gle si w a sh hooks in sizes #1 & #3. A d d ‘ S S’ t o pr odu c t c ode .
ORBD Orange/black Dots Silver Back
REDC Red/Chartreuse Dots Silver Back
W/RD White/Red Dots Silver back
CHRD Chartreuse/Red Dots Silver Back
G Gold
S Silver
To change Comet hooks, hold hook firmly and twist body slightly, pulling hook.