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MEDIUM RUNNER The Comet spinner is Mepps most versatile lure, maybe the most versatile lure anywhere. The main reason is its detachable hook. You can fish the Comet with standard plain or dressed treble hooks. Or, with the popular Mepps Mino. For walleye, trout and northerns, attach a single hook and add a minnow or nightcrawler. (Where permitted). Keep some Mepps Comets on hand, and you will soon discover just how versatile they are. The variety of combinations is limited only by the angler’s imagination.
The original French spinner
A V A I L A B L E  with sin gle si w a sh hooks. A d d ‘ S S’ t o pr odu c t c ode .
ORBD Orange/black Dots Silver Back
REDC Red/Chartreuse Dots Silver Back
W/RD White/Red Dots Silver back
CHBD Chartreuse/Black Dots Gold back
CHRD Chartreuse/Red Dots Silver Back
G Gold
S Silver
To change Comet hooks, hold hook firmly and twist body slightly, pulling hook.