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Each Mepps Crawler Harness features: an interchangeable spiral-wound stainless steel clevis for quick and easy blade changes; a 1/0 single hook and an ultra-flexible, kink-resistant 20lb. braided, stainless steel stinger cable, durable enough to last for years, with a loop end for easy changing of the #4 stinger hook.
The original French spinner
PKSP Pink, Silver Purple Silver Blade
PLB Platium Blue Silver Blade
CHGGR Chartreuse Gold, Green Gold Blade
CH Chartreuse Black Gold Blade
PLCH Platium Red Chartreuse Gold Blade
PKWCH Pink, White Chartreuse Silver Blade
ORGCH Orange, Gold Chartreuse Gold Blade
COR Copper Orange Copper Blade
FT Firetiger Gold Blade