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Mepps 4-pack lure kits are a selection of proven sizes and colours by species and series. The classic Black Fury or the “match the hatch” Thunder Bug — An assortment of the #2 Syclops in colors to match most conditions — The Trophy series: 4-T12, an assortment of smaller size #1 and #2 Mepps spinners perfect for trout, panfish and other species when smaller is better, 4-T34, an assortment of size #3 and #4 spinners ideal for pike, walleye, bass and larger trout when working rivers, shorelines or mid-lake structure. All standard hook (plain) Mepps kits, with the exception of the 4-TB, are also available in single siwash hook version. Simply indicate SS following product code. (e.g.: 4-K1-SS for trout kit).
TROUTER ASSORTMENT For Trout, Perch, Whitefish, Bass, Grayling. No. 4-K1
The original French spinner
TROUTER DRESSED The popular Mepps Trout kit in a dressed treble hook version No. 4-K1D
TROUTER DRESSED SINGLE HOOK Mepps trout kit in a dressed single hook version. No. 4-K1DSS
TROPHY ASSORTMENT A selection of sizes #3 and #4. When bigger is better. No. 4-T34
TROPHY ASSORTMENT An assortment of sizes #1 and #2 in a variety of proven patterns. No. 4-T12
BASSER ASSORTMENT For Large and Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Large Brown, Brook and Rainbow Trout, Walleye and Pike. No. 4-K2
BASSER DRESSED The popular Mepps Bass kit in dressed treble hook version. No. 4-K2D
SYCLOPS ASSORTMENT A 4-pack of smaller Syclops #00 & #0 for trout & panfish. No. 4-SO-OO
SYCLOPS ASSORTMENT A 4-pack of the versatile Syclops #2 for casting, trolling and/or jigging. No. 4-S
WALLEYE ASSORTMENT For Walleye, Northern Pike, Salmon, Bass and Trout. No. 4-K5
THUNDER BUG ASSORTMENT Both plain and dressed realistic insect patterned Thunder Bugs. Match the hatch! No. 4-TB
BLACK FURY ASSORTMENT An all species assortment of the classic Black Fury. No. 4-BF
PIKER ASSORTMENT For Large Walleye, Northern Pike, Steelhead, Arctic Char, Bass and Trout. No. 4-K3