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TEN REFLECTIVE SURFACES Perfect balance... The brilliant flash of genuine silver plating. Hot colors... Polished brass blades... Ten reflective surfaces to attract fish and make them strike... Mepps craftsmanship from its bright eye to its razor sharp hook. It’s no wonder spoon fishermen from British Columbia to Newfoundland are limiting out on the Mepps Syclops. Whether you fish for huge king salmon or any other fresh or saltwater fish there’s a Syclops just the right size and finish for you. No other spoon is as versatile as the revolutionary Syclops. It casts like a bullet and can be trolled at almost any speed. “S” shaped undulating spoon with a fluted surface. Combines 3 effects: • Beats and throbs in all planes • Twists from side to side • Sinuous trajectory (like a fish).
The original French spinner
A V A I L A B L E  with sin gle si w a sh hooks. A d d ‘ S S’ t o pr odu c t c ode .
GLB Glo Blue Silver back
GLP Glo Pink Silver back
G/C Gold Chartreuse
OC Orange Chartreuse Silver back
BLUGL Silver Blue
GLR Glo Red Silver back
RB Rainbow
FT Fire Tiger Silver back
EB Electric Blue Blue back
S/C Silver Chartreuse
FLO Fluorescent Orange Orange back
GRED Gold Red *Only available in size 0 & 00
SRED Silver Red *Only available in size 0 & 00
FLC Fluorescent Chartreuse
PLR  Platium Red Silver back
MJ Moon Jelly Silver back