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S Silver
G Gold
Mepps Timber Doodle TD1 is a Syclops spoon with a welded in single hook on the underside. The hook includes a barbed pin on the upper portion of the spoon to anchor the head of the plastic you use to make it weedless. It is the proven decades old weedless Mister Twister Keeper Hook design incorporated into a Syclops. A win win if ever there was one. Rig a Mister Twister Double Tail or Split Double Tail to the spoon to make it virtually weedless. Plastics sold separately. The TD1 is 2-1/2”s in length and weighs a ½ oz. Fish as is or rigged with a Mister Twister trailer making the Timber Doodle weedless. Fish water you would normally avoid. A multi species spoon ideal for pike, walleye and bass.
The original French spinner
F Frog
FT Firetiger