The Mepps® name is an acronym for Manufacture d'Engins de Précisions pour la Pêche Sportive.

Manufacturer of precision lures for angling. Aptly named as the lure was developed by an engineer at the car manufacturer Peugeot in Paris in 1938. Mr André Meulnart had been working on a new lure for a few years when he perfected the Mepps Aglia. He named the first lure Aglia which is Latin for butterfly.

As the blade turns in the water it reminded him of the fluttering wings. The original Aglia is still today the most popular Mepps lure. Mepps blades are stamped from a special brass alloy developed by Mepps, the stainless steel shafts are sandvick steel and self lubricating, genuine silver finishes reflect more light, bodies are machined brass to retain their shape and balance. It is no coincidence that Mepps are arguably the most popular lure on the planet with 100’s of millions sold to date. Vivid color accents and quality hook dressings are the trademark of Mepps quality. 

There is a Mepps spinner for the smallest game fish such as perch, stream trout or crappie to the largest muskies. Mepps are renowned for their spinners but also produce popular spoon series such as the Syclops and the Little Wolf.

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