Product Description

The AC is a Hybrid series from Mepps. It combines the versatile Comet body, the only detachable hook spinner and the Aglia blade. Simply unscrew the body while holding the hook and you can easily change out the hook. Reverse the process to reattach. The Aglia blade is standard on the new AC. Genuine silver finishes offer a bright flash. The original French spinner blade, dating to 1938. It is a shallow running presentation blade that spins at a wide arc away from the body for plenty of vibration and visibility. Topping off the presentation is a strike attractor egg on the hook end of the AC. The egg is present on both versions, treble or single hook. Eggs are a tried and proven attractant. Many anglers add a splash of colour or an artificial egg to their presentations, be it spinner or spoon. The AC series has it built in. The detachable hook components of the AC Hybrid allow you to mix and match colour presentations as well. The stock AC comes with a matching egg colour to the blade colour. Don’t hesitate to mix and match on the water. Switching out an orange egg on a chartreuse blade AC for example. A multi species series the smaller size #1 is a great choice for stream trout, perch and panfish. The #3 for just about everything that swims and the #5 for larger fish and species, northern pike, salmon, big trout and walleye.

Stock No. Approx. Weight Colors
AC1 1/8 oz - 3.5 g All
AC3 1/4 oz - 7.1 g All
AC5 1/2 oz - 14.2 g All except SP
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