Product Description

One of the most popular spinners in the Mepps family is without a doubt the silver Aglia. It is the “A” item in the series and the one most often sold out on the retail wall. The Aglia Brite series is the classic silver Aglia blade in 6 different bold neon body colour options. The Aglia Brite’s solid machined conical brass body includes a strike triggering red tail end bead. The silver Aglia blade is the same blade found on the original and classic Aglia. It starts spinning without fail as soon as it hits the water. The Brite offers genuine silver plated blades with contrasting rich coloured bodies and fluorescent strike attracting beads. A perfect combination fish cannot resist.

Stock No. Approx. Weight Colors
AB1 1/8 oz - 3.5 g All
AB3 1/4 oz - 7.1 g All
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