Product Description

The Mepps Aglia (pronounced Ag’lee a) is unquestionably the world’s #1 fishing lure. For more than 80 years, anglers have been taking trophy fish on the legendary Aglia. Mepps Aglias in sizes #0 & #1 are perfect for stream trout, perch and panfish. A #2 Aglia is ideal for large crappies, while Aglias in sizes #3 & #4 are irresistible to both large & smallmouth bass, salmon, and steelhead. Northern pike and trophy musky are quick to attack a #5 Mepps Aglia dressed. Mepps Aglia blades are available in polished brass (gold), genuine silver plate and “hot” colours. Use in all waters under normal conditions, average current, depth and fish behaviour. For all predators. Dressed Treble Version

Stock No. Approx. Weight Colors
B1D 1/8 oz - 3.5 g All
B2D 1/6 oz - 4.7 g All Except BKD, RDD
B3D 1/4 oz - 7.1 g All
B4D 1/3 oz - 9.5 g All Except BKD, RDD
B5D 1/2 oz - 14.2 g All
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