Product Description

Designed from the ground up to target smallmouth bass in big bodies of water, the Bronze Slammer is a tournament-grade spinner that will surely be a hit in our Canadian waterways. It features a custom hand painted Aglia blade with glitter that mimics bait fish patterns that bass are known to feed on. It also boasts of a solid painted brass body that perfectly balances the lure and offers a contrast to the blinding flash of the high quality plating on the blades. The business end of the lure features VMC Barbarian® Treble hook with a technical holding curve with a 25% better hook rate. This hook is dressed in premium hand tied bucktail, with an additional tuft of softly undulating flashabou to offer some flash and action when retrieving through the water. The whole package features an extra large profile, 20% larger than the regular dressed aglia. Larger predators like bass and pike will take notice of the large flashy meal trying to escape.

Stock No. Approx. Weight Colors
BS3 1/4 oz. - 7.1 g All
BS5 1/2 oz. - 14.2 g All
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