Product Description

Mepps 4-pack lure kits are a selection of proven sizes and colours by species and series. The classic Black Fury or the “match the hatch” Thunder Bug — An assortment of the #2 Syclops in colours to match most conditions, The Trophy series: 4-T12, an assortment of smaller size #1 and #2 Mepps spinners perfect for trout, panfish and other species when smaller is better, 4-T34, an assortment of size #3 and #4 spinners ideal for pike, walleye, bass and larger trout when working rivers, shorelines or mid-lake structure. All kits, with the exception of the 4-TB and the 4-K2D, are available in single siwash hook version.
Kit contents are subject to change without prior notice. Kit images are presented for illustrative purposes only.

Stock No. Approx. Weight Colors
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