Single Hook Option

Simple and Efficient!

Product Description

Most Mepps products are also available with Single Siwash hooks, whether to repect local reglementation, to make catch and release easier, to minimise fouling or even to maximise hook-ups in certain condition (yes, really!) you can order Mepps products with the single hook by adding SS to the product code.

Stock No. Approx. Weight Colors
AC Hydride AC1SS - AC3SS - AC5SS Please refer to the AC Hybrid color selection
Aglia B0SS - B1SS - B2SS - B3SS Please refer to the Aglia color selection
Aglia garni B0DSS - B1DSS - B2DSS - B3DSS GOLD, S Only
Aglia Brite AB1SS - AB3SS All Aglia Brite colors
Aglia Long AL1SS - AL2SS - AL3SS - AL4SS All Aglia Long colors
Black Fury BF00SS - BF0SS - BF1SS - BF2SS - BF3SS All Black Fury colors
Black Fury garni BF0DSS - BF1DSS - BF2DSS - BF3DSS All Black Fury colors
Comet C1SS - C2SS - C3SS All Comet colors
Giant Killer GK5SS All Giant Killer colors
Syclops S00SS - S1SS - S2SS - S3SS All Syclops colors
Xtra Deep garni XD1DSS - XD2DSS - XD3DSS All XD colors
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