Product Description

The Syclops is a staple in any spoon angler’s arsenal. The LITE version can be trolled , jigged, cast or drifted but it really shines in a trolling presentation. LITES are perfect for trolling most sport fish; browns, rainbows, lakers or speckled trout, chinook and cohos also find them to their liking. Northerns and walleye will be quick to hammer a LITE. The qualities that make the regular Syclops so effective, the 10 reflective surfaces, the erratic action, the genuine silver and gold finishes are also in the LITE. At half the weight, the LITE can be worked in shallower water and imparts that much more of the tantalizing action of the Syclops at slower speeds. UV reactive finishes, strike attracting eyes and a blood red hook round out the Syclops LITE.

Stock No. Length Approx. Weight Colors
SLT1 2 1/2” - 6.4 cm 1/4 oz - 7.1 g All
SLT2 3” - 7.6 cm 5/16 oz - 8.9 g All
SLT3 3 1/2” - 8.9 cm 1/2 oz - 14.2 g All
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